Welcome to Dweeb Zone

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

This is a test. I am not here to blog. I am here to test my supernatural talents which I think I am absurdly exaggerating the tiniest speck of doohickey ideas.

Yeah, I’d say that again. This is dweeb zone and this is my testing ground. I will fire up something and you can see that explosion somewhere at where you are at.

It may seems complicated as most fans of this particular style do seem out of range. It is hard to pin point and shoot exactly to that target. But it is a trial for me. And I am going to pass this test.

So wait… I will bring in my artileries as soon as I get the purchase order from ebay.

And finally… the best of me will be served… patience people… patience.

Regards… smiles all around.